Settlement Workers In Schools (SWIS)

The Settlement Workers In Schools program (SWIS) is a school-based outreach program that assists students in Kindergarten to Grade 12. This program helps newcomer students and their families transition into the Canadian school system and a new community.

SWIS assists student and families with:

  • School registration and orientation.
  • Understanding school policies and procedures.
  • Communicating with teachers and administrators.
  • Supporting newcomer students as they transition into the Canadian school system.
  • Supporting newcomer families as they transition into a new community.
  • Connecting newcomer students and families with community resources and services.
  • Workshops, information sessions, and support groups.  (E.g. Parenting in Canada, Parenting circle, Lunchbox nutrition, Children and youth mentoring sessions).


The Settlement Workers In Schools program is open to immigrant and refugee students and their parents or caregivers (e.g. grandparents) who are currently living in the School District 73 area.

Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS):

Anna Ediger

Phone Number: (250) 377-5271
Email: [email protected]
Languages: English, Dutch

Sam Birchall

Phone Number: (778) 538-0405
Email: [email protected]
Languages: English

Clara Kong

Phone Number:  (250) 682-8198
Email: [email protected]
Languages: English

Resources for Teachers and School Support Staff

  1. Who is a SWIS worker?

Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) provide settlement services to the immigrant families and students in SD 73 schools. The goal of the program is to support positive settlement for newcomer families and foster student integration into schools and achievement. This includes providing needed information and referrals to resources in the community and school.

The SWIS Worker provides school orientation to newcomer parents and students as well as

assisting the schools in working with the newcomer population.

SWIS Worker’s Core Activities:

  • Outreach to newly arrived families registering in school
  • Settlement support for students, parents and families, including needs assessment and settlement action plan.
  • Promoting cross-cultural understanding and facilitating communication
  • Bridging with service providers and community activities

  1. When do I involve a SWIS worker?

The best time to involve a SWIS worker is when a new immigrant family comes in to register their child with your school. At this point the referral form can be filled out and sent to your community SWIS worker, as well as arrangements made for the worker to come in and meet with the family at your school. After this initial meeting, the SWIS worker will schedule any further follow-up appointments if need be.

Schools may also choose to invite SWIS workers to staff meetings. This allows the opportunity for your SWIS worker to personally introduce themselves and familiarize the school with the intake process and services.

  1. What kind of ongoing support do SWIS workers offer students following their orientation?

SWIS workers can help schools and teachers with cultural interpretations, support and referrals and working to liaison between the family and school if re-settlement issues arise.


  1. Are there age restrictions on students that can be referred to the program?

Students from kindergarten to grade 12 and their families can be referred to our program.


  1. Are private and catholic schools eligible for SWIS services?

Kamloops Immigrant Services are available to all immigrants and can be accessed for support by appointment.


  1. What information do you need from us to register the student with your program?

Please fill out all the information on the referral form. Upon the first meeting, we will require the parents to bring their Permanent Resident cards (or Confirmation of Permanent Residence/landing papers) as well as their child’s. After this, a file will be opened for the family.

Download SWIS School Staff Referral Form


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Learning English is very important for the Newcomer family.
See how we encourage home language maintenance.

The Trauma Toolkit, by Klinic Community Health Centre