The word ‘diversity’ is unclear until you place it in context: ‘Society and Culture’.

Even then many people use this word simply to refer to OTHERS who seem DIFFERENT from the majority. This is misleading and reinforces stereotypes and the view that our society has ‘people’ and ‘other people’.

A more accurate definition of this word might be:
“All the ways in which we are the SAME, SIMILAR, and DIFFERENT.”
All of these details make up what we can call ‘our diversity’.

  • Cultural Awareness Presentations
  • Diversity Education & Training
    • For Schools
    • For Professional Groups, Organizations
    • Post-Secondary Institutions
  • Community Events & Cultural Activities
  • Information & Resources

Diversity Work Aims to...

Make people feel welcome, respected

  • People bring their ‘whole self’
    to work, school, etc.
  • Break down social Isolation
  • Grow inclusive attitudes
  • Establish ‘grounds for compassion’
  • Eliminate racism & discrimination
  • Foster workplace inclusiveness


Our Cultural Diversity Program promotes the understanding of the unique cultural and ethnic heritage of newcomers and contributes to the development of a culturally responsible and responsive society.

Our goal is for the city, school districts, employers, and community partners to work together to build a more inclusive environment where newcomers feel accepted, succeed in the workplace, and make progress towards their personal settlement goals.

This program is facilitated by KIS volunteer and diversity outreach coordinator who maintains an ongoing presence at Kamloops events and meetings, and meets with service providers promoting multicultural identity, respect and inclusion within the annual cycle of life in the city. People begin to realize the value of the cultural mosaic within our community and behaviours towards various ethnic groups inevitably shift to be more understanding, patient and empathetic.

Our program spearheads events that highlight both international and Indigenous cultural perspectives, which is in line with our efforts to provide newcomers with a vision of Canada that includes Indigenous people. Relationships are cultivated with clients who became established members of the local multicultural community. Many local and regional partnerships originate from these community connections.

KIS supports individuals, communities and organizations to become more welcoming and facilitates intercultural opportunities for all of us to learn together.

Are you a community organization that wants to welcome and serve immigrants? We provide:

  • Workshops with information and education about immigration and cultural awareness
  • Information resources and
  • Opportunities for service providers to share strategies and ideas for engaging immigrants in the community
  • Welcoming events for the immigrant and non-immigrant communities to interact with one another

Education, Workshops & Training Topics​

  • Aims of diversity Education
  • Exploration of Identity & Belonging
  • Multiculturalism In Canada
  • Canadian Identity
  • Racism and Discrimination
  • Human Rights in Canada
  • Bias and Stereotypes
  • Cross-Cultural Understanding
    —the Hofstede model
  • Managing Workplace Diversity
    -See KIS Inclusive Workplace Training



Tapestry Festival

In collaboration with the North Shore Business Improvement Association and the Kamloops Multicultural Society, KIS will be hosting Kamloops’s first Tapestry Festival on September 18th, 2021. Tapestry is a city-wide family friendly Festival celebrating Kamloops Multicultural Heritage. This new festival introduces some of the best of Kamloops culture from around the world including cuisine, exhibits, games, interactive display, Around the World Kids Zone and live entertainment.


Community Presence

KIS Diversity has been involved in many community organizations and events which serve to boost and maintain our agency’s community presence, keep us involved in helping others, and build our relationships with community partners. Some of the events we participate in:

  • Annual ‘Know Your Neighbor’ event at MacArthur Island
  • Kamloops Arts Council – Children’s Arts Festival – KIS display
  • Canada Day Celebrations –Coordinating event entertainment with KMS
  • TRU Pride Parade
  • TRU Welcome Back BBQ (Display booth)
  • TRU World Welcome (new international students cohorts arrive)
  • Overlanders Day
  • KJCA Udon Lunch
  • TteS – Wild Salmon Caravan
  • Canada Day in Riverside Park (KIS Display booth)
  • WorkBC – Coordinate KMS Members’ Foodsafe Course
  • City of Kamloops Diversity Advisory Committee meetings
  • National Aboriginal Day celebrations
  • City of Kamloops Council Meetings (Proclamation, AD Declaration, etc.)
  • Kamloops Multicultural Society – AGM, monthly meetings, Canada Day
  • Kamloops United Church – Supporting RAFT refugee sponsorship group
  • Santa Clause Parade – KIS parade entry

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Phone number:  778-538-0078
Email: [email protected]
Languages: Spanish, English
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