Settlement Worker In Schools (SWIS) Program Survey

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SWIS Program Survey - Mandarin

My SWIS worker provided services and information to increase my knowledge and understanding of settling in
Canada shortly after meeting my worker. *
Rating Q1 *

I am satisfied with referrals provided by my SWIS worker to access community services, programs, and
networks. *
Rating Q2 *

My SWIS worker helped me and my family become more aware of the education system,
school information and an understanding of how to connect to the school, including the SWIS workers. *
Rating Q3 *

Since meeting with my SWIS worker and creating a settlement plan, I feel that I participate in my community
more. *
Rating Q4 *

My SWIS worker has helped me connect with my community faster than I could have on my own. *
Rating Q5 *

With the help of my SWIS worker, my children are more engaged in school and I feel more involved in my child’s
education. *
Rating Q6 *