Pride Group

Support and Advocacy for LGBTQ2S+ Immigrants and Newcomers

Are you an immigrant or newcomer who identifies as part of the LGBTQ2S+ community in the Thompson-Nicola Region?

We offer a biweekly group where you can connect with others in the immigrant/newcomer LGBTQ2S+ community and receive support about LGBTQ2S+ laws, emotional support, advocacy, and one on one support if requested.

Some of the programs  we offer are:

Emotional support and referrals for LGBTQ2S+ immigrants and newcomers.

LGBTQ2S+ Group to connect with others in the community, receive support and advocacy, and education about Canadian LGBTQ2S+ laws and rights.

Opportunities to connect with the LGBTQ2S+ immigrant and newcomer community at fun events!

Helping you break the cycle of gender-based violence, abuse & oppression

We are a safe, inclusive space that is confidential and trauma-informed, for those who also would like to just sit in and listen or start an activity. Snacks and beverages provided.



WE Program Coordinator

Language: English

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