Documents for School Registeration

Documents for School registration

This full package for school registration is required for one parent and needs to be dropped off at the school office along with the School Registration Form (1 per child).

  1. A copy of your Study or Work Permit
  2. A copy of your Temporary Residence Visa
  3. A copy of your passport
  4. A copy of your children’s passports
  5. A copy of your children’s birth certificates indicating you are the parent
  6. A copy of your Education Institution’s acceptance letter (if you have a Study Permit)
  7. A letter of employment from your employer (if you have a Work Permit)

Parents will also be required to provide:

  1. Child’s care card
  2. Proof of address (rental agreement works well or utility bill)
  3. Custody agreement if applicable.

A BC Medical / Care card needs to be applied for after the child is in the country for 3 months.

You also need to fill out the below form.

For Permanent Residents of Canada, you will need your PR card for school registration. Please reach out to a SWIS worker if you have any questions about the school registration process. 

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