Temporary Foreign Workers Outreach

Temporary Foreign  Workers

Temporary Foreign Workers

We assist migrant workers in the Kamloops and TNRD regions to help them understand their workplace rights and access services. We also assist employers in understanding their responsibilities when hiring workers.

We Offer:

  • Increasing migrant workers’ awareness and understanding of their rights and responsibilities through educational activities and/or existing educational material.
  • Empowering migrant workers to exercise their rights by providing or assisting in accessing services available to them.
  • Fostering inclusion and welcoming of migrant workers through social, cultural and/or sporting events.
  • Assisting employers in supporting migrant workers they hire (e.g. providing interpretation services, delivering workshops at the workplace, etc.).

Increasing employers’ awareness and understanding of the needs, challenges and issues faced by migrant workers and their responsibilities (and of their staff) as per Program requirements and conditions.

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David Cazares Garrido

Migrant Worker Outreach

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