Become An Interpreter

Become An Interpreter

KIS is seeking dedicated volunteers who are fluent in any two languages. There is a
current demand for individuals who are fluent in Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese,
German, Punjabi and French. Interpreters do not require certification. 

Benefits for Interpreters and Translators: 

  • Earn volunteer hours
  • Make friendships and cross-cultural connections
  • Earn hours towards becoming a certified interpreter
  • KIS will provide letters of reference
  • Travel expenses can be covered

An interpreter works with spoken language, often translating and mediating between two languages in both directions, on the spot, without the aid of a dictionary.

A translator deals with written language and excels at clear, accurate expression in
written form, usually in one direction and typically, from a source language into their
own native tongue.

For both, understanding meaning and nuance of one language and being able to
express them in another language are crucial skills.  Often, this process requires
understanding the culture behind each language.

If you are interested in volunteering as an interpreter or translator please contact our
Translation & Interpretation Coordinator: Shiro Abraham 

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