Become A Tutor

Become A Tutor

English is considered one of the hardest second languages to master because of its nuances, contradictions, and endless oddities.

Many of our clients are seeking additional support with their efforts to learn or improve their English as a second language in addition to attending our language classes (LINC).

Benefits of being a tutor

  • For an exciting way to connect with newcomers to your community.
  • To gain experience as a tutor while assisting immigrants to improve their English
    skills and learn more about Canada by establishing a link with a volunteer within the
  • To assist newcomers with improving their English language skills in an informal
    environment, working one-on-one with individuals with diverse language
    skill levels.

Volunteer tutors are placed according to their previous experience and interest in learners who cannot attend regular LINC (Language Instruction for newcomers to Canada) classes or have special learning needs.


Provide one-on-one support and English language instruction.


  • Experience teaching
  • TESL certificate
  • Excellent English language skills
  • Patience and non-judgemental attitude

How To Join:

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Volunteer Guide

Indian ceo mentor leader talking to female trainee using laptop at meeting.

Become a tutor/ mentor/ interpreter

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