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Kamloops Immigrant Services (KIS) is an agency devoted to welcoming immigrants and newcomers to Kamloops and the surrounding areas. This agency is administered by Kamloops Cariboo Regional Immigrants society – a registered non-profit society and charity.  KIS provides a host of confidential services free to eligible participants. Our primary goal is to support newcomers to settle into the community and assist with integration to Canadian society through a welcoming and inclusive philosophy.


Our Clients

Kamloops Immigrant Services has welcomed newcomers from around the world!  Since 2011 we have the following countries on record:

Welcome Map

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Our History

In March 1980, the Kamloops Chinese Cultural Associations responded to the need for settlement assistance for the large numbers of South East Asian refugees who were arriving in Kamloops. The Vietnamese and Immigrants’ Community Center was opened, with a staff of two. Many will remember this time as the arrival of the Boat People incident.

KIS Victoria St - Crop
Former Location – 1st & Victoria St. Kamloops

In 1982, the Kamloops Chinese Cultural Associations had fulfilled their mandate for two years” assistance. However, the need for services to immigrants from various backgrounds was evident. Thus, on January 20, 1982, KAMLOOPS CARIBOO REGIONAL IMMIGRANT SOCIETY was incorporated as a non-profit society with the purpose of sponsoring an immigrant service agency. This agency was named “The Immigrants’ Community Centre”. In 1985, the agency was more appropriately re-named Kamloops Immigrant Services. Programs and services are delivered through Kamloops Immigrant Services.