KIS has an outstanding child-mind program available to eligible clients, helping and supporting you and your family in order to  settle and integrate into the community. Our qualified Early Childhood Educator, with her assistant and volunteers, are great supports and resources for you and your child. Our program focuses on your child’s:

  • social, 
  • emotional,
  • cognitive, and
  • physical development.

Every activity includes each one. 

You can use our child-mind service if you are:

  • an eligible client who is enrolled in our ELSA classes, or
  • an eligible client who is attending a settlement appointment, workshop or event! Pre-registration is required.

Activities change daily! Recently, we worked on family trees as an educational project.  Children was able to see the people in their families, including the countries that  their families originated from.  We had a great time learning about everyone’s family history.

Erica and Sophia, who are sisters,  playing and learning at the workbench.


New Experiences:

We have children in our child-mind from all over the world, so planning fun, educational and new experience for the children is a joy! These activities help support the child to successfully move into the Canadian school system in kindergarten.

CIMG1845 CIMG2028

Field Trips:

Field trips to let the children learn and experience new things. We’ve taken the children to various places within the community.  One of the trips we took in 2013 was to the Kamloops Dairy Farm!


Parenting Workshops:

Parenting workshops are offered to all eligible clients and their families. We offer:

  • Mommy and Me,
  • Mother Goose,
  • Back to School Parenting Series and many more.

These are great ways for both mothers and fathers to meet other parents and seek out support and resources that are available to them in the community.

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