WCP Workshops!! -UPDATED*

**Due to available space, we have extended the registration deadlines for some of our workshops!  See below for details.**

KIS and the Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society present the WCP Workshops!

The workshops have been built with two target audiences in mind: the employer community (business, employers, non-profit sector, etc), and the community at large.    Click here for the registration form!

They are intended to raise awareness and increase the recruitment, retention and inclusion of immigrants within the local labour market by providing employers with the resources to successfully employ new immigrants.

What are my options for participating?

There will be 2 different streams available that individuals can register for:

  1. WCP Employer Workshops Stream which will include 2 workshop series providing information to supervisors, HR reps, managers, ED/CEO/etc based on the following target audiences:
    • Businesses/private sector employers; or
    • Non-profit/gov’t sector employers.
  2. WCP Community Workshop Stream looks at bringing together all members of the community to network and raise awareness across cultures.


Click here for the registration form!  Registration HAS BEEN EXTENDED FOR SOME WORKSHOPS!  The Community Engagement and second Employer Series Workshop registration will be open until November 8th

For more information, or to register, contact Allysa or Geoffrey at 250-376-1296 or welcoming.communities@kcris.ca