Recognizing Community Partners

Kamloops Immigrant Services is incredibly grateful to many of our community partners.


Mastermind Studios Peter & Paul
Peter with Paul Lagacé, E.D. of Kamloops Immigrant Services.  ‘Peter and Paul’

We would like to thank the team at MasterMind Studios, and especially Peter Cameron-Inglis, president and CEO, for their generosity and invaluable assistance with video production for our Dec. 2015 event: Welcoming Syrians To Kamloops.  In addition to a hefty reduction in fees related to video recording services, MasterMind went above and beyond by recording and editing more material than originally agreed on, providing equipment and services to stream the event live, posting and hosting completed videos on their YouTube Channel, and generally teaching our staff the ins and outs of such an undertaking. mastermind-studios-logo-bigM-black



SPC June 15, 2016 Mary Desaulniers & Paul Lagacé - 50%
Mary Desaulniers from Kamloops SPC helps mount their plaque with KIS Executive Director Paul Lagacé


We are grateful to the City of Kamloops Social Planning Council for their much-appreciated Operational Grant funding.  This money really helped to get Kamloops Immigrant Services through without having to reduce some of our services this year.  Many people don’t realize just how tightly finances are managed in a non-profit organization, and the SPC grant funding provided some much needed breathing room.  Kamloops_Final





Graham & Paul Mount Resp. Net Plaque - 50%
KIS Diversity Coordinator Graham Specht & E.D. Paul Lagacé mount the Respect Network plaque

Kamloops Immigrant Services is a member of Respect Network Thompson-Okanagan.  We would like the thank them for providing funding for our annual Respect Lives Here event: The Walk to Embrace Cultural Diversity.  Thanks to their support, our event was once again a great success.