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Merritt, B.C.:

Cowboy Music Capitol










Population: 7,113, with a 15.1% gain in immigrants between 2000 and 2006.

Immigrants, 2006:  875


First Languages:


Punjabi – 270

Korean – 90

German – 75

Tagalog – 25

Dutch – 25

Chinese – 15

Italian – 15

Croatian – 15

Spanish – 10

Visible minority population – 800




Nicola Valley Farmers’ Market





Location:  at the corner of Voght Street and Merritt Avenue, 9 am until 2 pm, Mid-May until early October


The market offers organic produce, arts and crafts.



Nicola Valley Fall Fair


The last weekend of August.

Contact:  Kathy Reimer, 250-546-5925, or



Nicola Tribal Association


2090 Coutlee Avenue, Merritt





Nlaka’pamux Nation




Coldwater Indian Band


2249 Quilchena Avenue, Merritt




Nooaitch Indian Band


2954 Shakelly Road, Merritt




Shackan Indian Band


2160 Settler’s Road, Merritt


Upper Nicola Band





Shuswap Nation




680 West Athabaska Street, Kamloops



Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion: Creating Workplaces-of-Choice for Aboriginal Talent



Questions to Help Guide Development of an Aboriginal Inclusion Strategy



As I Am, by Nadia Myre, 2010, National Film Board of Canada



Differences Between Traditional Aboriginal Culture and Mainstream Western Culture


Nicola Valley Health Centre


3451 Voght Street, Merritt


250-378-3401: Mental Health

250-378-3400: Public Health






School District #58 (Nicola-Similkameen)


Collettville Elementary


Principal:  Mme.  Marie-Josee Bedard

2021 Birch Avenue, Merritt

Phone: 250-378-2230, extension #101



Diamond Vale Elementary


Principal:  Ms. Val Edgell

2675 Coldwater Avenue, Merritt

Phone:  250-378-2514



Bench Elementary


Principal:  Mr. W. Heppner

3341 Grimmett Street, Merritt

Phone:  250-378-2528



Central Elementary


Principal:  Mr. Slanzi

1501 Voght Street, Merritt

Phone:  250-378-9931



Nicola Canford Elementary


Principal:  Mr. Bert Bergmann

2311 Postell Street, Merritt

Phone:  250-378-2172



Merritt Secondary School (MSS)


Principal:  Mr. Bill Lawrence

1561 Chapman, Merritt

Phone: 250.378.5131



Kengard Learning Centre


Principal:  Mr. Al Mackay-Smith

Phone:  250-378-4245


A Distributed (Distance) Learning School (online or by mail) that provides quality education for:


* School-aged students, K – 12

* Adults who are seeking graduation

* Graduated Adults, including Continuing Learning


Our courses are free with a refundable resource deposit.


To register:

Please note: All applicants must be residents of British Columbia.


1. Copy of most recent school records (last report card, transcript, or PEN).  These documents may be attached to the registration form or faxed (250-378-1447), or scanned and submitted to


2. Proof of Residency


We require one of the following:


BC Care Card (Medical Services Plan)

BC Driver’s License
BC ID Card



Adult Graduation Program Requirements


Ministry of Education information sites:




Adult Education:


Check the online Course Registry.  Currently, graduated adults (people who have finished 12th grade) are funded for:


• English 12

• Math 11 and 12

• Biology 12

Adult Graduation Program Requirements:  Eligibility


1. *18 years or older

2. *Skill levels to Grade 11 can be upgraded through a streamlined program (if required)

3. *must complete at least 5 courses (20 credits at four credits per course), specified below:



Courses to Graduate:


 Language Arts 12 (English 12 OR Communications 12) and


 a Math 11 or 12 course and either Option 1 or Option 2 below:


 Option 1:  Three 4-credit Grade 12 Ministry Authorized courses (12 credits), including External Credential courses, or


 Option 2:  Social Studies 11, BC First Nations Studies 12, or Civic Studies 11 (12 credits), and two 4-credit Grade 12-level Ministry Authorized courses, including External Credential courses

Merritt Library




1691 Garcia Street, Merritt

Phone:  (250) 378-4737


Days/ Hours Open:

Tuesday  10:00-8:00
Wednesday  10:00-8:00
Thursday  10:00-4:00
Friday   10:00-4:00
Saturday  10:00-4:00
Youth Against Violence Line

This is a 24-hour help line.  You do not have to tell them your name, and the information that you give them is confidential.  You can report crimes and violence, and get help.  Anyone can call for information about gangs, bullying or other problems.  This service is available in 130 languages.


Phone: 1-800-680-4264; Text: 604-836-6381


24/7 – in your language – anonymous – confidential







PAL (Partner Assisted Learning)

PAL is a community partnership program that provides free one-to-one adult literacy tutoring. PAL supports up to 20 adults, from non-readers to Grade 12 level.  They generally have challenges with the literacy skills that are needed for everyday life. Scheduling is arranged to suit the learner and the tutoring focuses on individual needs. Support is available for those with ESL challenges.  All inquiries are confidential. PAL is run in partnership with Secwepemc Cultural Education Society, Thompson Rivers University and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development.


Contact:  Robyn Grebliunas,




Nicola Valley & District Food Bank


Quilchena, P.O. Box 2026, Merritt


Most food banks do not receive money from the government.  They depend on donations from the community and volunteers.  Emergency food supplies are available every two to four weeks and last for two to three days.


We suggest that you take a little time to experience the following website in order to learn more about intercultural Canada:

Start your interactive session with The Intercultural Coach!




In some countries, it is customary to give gifts or bribes to government officials in order to get a business license.  This is not the way that we do things in Canada.  Find out the proper procedures for dealing with institutions and learn how to ask for help or guidance.


City of Merritt


2185 Voght Street, PO Box 189, Merritt, B.C.  V1K 1B8

Telephone: (250) 378-4224

Fax: (250) 378-2600



Susan Roline, Mayor

Telephone: (250) 378-4224




Dave Baker, Councillor

Telephone: 250-378-4224




Mike Goetz , Councillor

Telephone 250-378-3632




Merritt & District Chamber of Commerce


Karen Irving, General Manager


2185 B Voght Street, Box 1649 , Merritt, BC V1K1B8

Phone: 250.378.5634



Employment Service Centre:  Community Futures Nicola Valley

2099 Quilchena Avenue, Merritt, BC V1K 1B8i

Phone: 250.378.3923 Fax: 250.378.3924




Please see Community Futures under Kamloops for a list of 14 Steps to Starting Your Own Business.





Merritt offers efficient transportation, distribution and training facilities.  Of the 7,113 population, 30% is under 25.  The labour force can meet the long-term growth of YOUR business.

Merritt’s economic development is based on the Official Community Plan (OCP). The Integrated Growth Strategy (IGS) provides planning directives for managed growth and development for overall economic development.


James Umpherson, MAES

Economic Development Manager

Phone: (250) 378-8619



Places of Worship



Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

2451 Springbank, Merritt




Jehovah’s Witnesses

1505 Sunset, Merritt




Nicola Valley Evangelical Free Church

1950 Maxwell, Merritt





Sacred Heart Church

2326 Jackson, Merritt




Business Resources



Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust
Small Business BC
Doing Business in BC
Business and Investing
Business Incentives
Business and Community Incentives



Starting Your Business
Business Plans & Templates
Trade Start
Industry Canada
Innovation Resource Centre
EI Programs



British Columbia immigration:

Canadian citizenship site:

Canadian citizenship information:


For References, please go to the Kamloops Education section.


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