KIS Success Stories

The challenges of settling in a different community can be overwhelming to even the experienced resident relocating from another community in Canada.  Consequently, a newcomer with limited knowledge of Canada and even less about our community will find the process of establishing in Kamloops intimidating. Welcoming newcomers to Kamloops and surrounding areas involves a blend of services which lead to successes that our clients share with excitement as they achieve each goal in their settlement experience. We at Kamloops Immigrant Services find it rewarding to hear about success stories and wish to share some of the stories with the community.
Wai 7Our first Kamloops Immigrant Services story that we would like to share is about our friend              Wai Ma: Wai has been a long time Kamloops Immigrant Services client and has received support from a variety  of workers at our agency along the way.

Wai Hung Ma was born in Hong Kong, and immigrated with his family to Kamloops when he was 12  years old. Wai was born with cerebral palsy and has faced many challenges in his lifetime — challenges which he has chosen to look at as ‘steps’ on his journey to reach his goals.

Among the experiences Wai has walked through over the years, he has taken on a role of a motivational speaker, to inspire and empower people to overcome difficulties in their life. Wai also had a dream of initiating an anti-bullying campaign, and approached KIS for guidance to get his project started. KIS assisted Wai with his research while connecting him to many valuable community resources.

Wai’s campaign continues to grow, and is such a Wai 1 - Bullysuccessful initiative, he is focusing on expanding his marketing, with the help from a Kamloops Immigrant Services Volunteer, for the Bullying Campaign; and has more projects beginning this Fall.

We are excited to see what Wai has in store for his next project and are looking forward to working with him in following his dreams.


To learn more about Wai, and his campaign, please visit: