After School Club!

We are currently running a homework club at the agency! Every Thursday from 2:30pm – 4:00pm.  We will gather together, downstairs at KIS, to work together to get everyone’s homework completed before the weekend begins! We are seeking tutors to help support students in subjects such as: English, math, sciences, social studies and more.

The skills and attributes we’re looking for in our volunteers include:

– Likes to work with children and youth

– Able to assist with a variety of different school subjects

– Patience working with young children and youth

– Communication skills

– Able to share passion for learning

The benefits of volunteering as a Homework Tutor are:

– Meeting children and youth that are new to the community

– Gain experience working with children

– Helping build a child/youth’s confidence and act as a mentor to the children

– Building your resume; and

– You will earn a volunteer certificate for your work portfolio.