Now Hiring: English/French Settlement Counsellor

KIS is seeking applicants for the (F/T) position of English/French fluent settlement counsellor.

Title:                                      SETTLEMENT COUNSELLOR-Closes September 14, 2017 at 4:30pm

Terms of Employment:    Full Time 37.5 Hours Per Week

Program:                              Settlement and Integration (BCSIP)

Reports To:                          Settlement Coordinator

Supervisor:                          Executive Director

Qualifications:   Bachelor’s Degree in the Social Sciences and/or extensive experience in counseling and community support services. Must be fluent in English and French, with additional language abilities an asset. A good understanding of Canadian and other culture(s), is required. Must have excellent interpersonal skills with individuals as well as groups.

Summary:          This position is one of educator/facilitator/advocate to clients and the general public. Provide services to clients in order to assist in their long term integration and participation in Canadian society. Settlement and Integration counsellors shall provide cultural information to the community and to other agencies to improve cultural sensitivity and ensure full access to client support activities in the community.


  1. Identify client needs and barriers to full participation in social networks
  2. Maintain direct communication and report to the Settlement Coordinator in order to ensure program needs are defined for reports to the Executive Director,
  3. Must be familiar with case management model (Guided Pathways) in client services,
  4. Provide direct services to clients as determined by funding contract deliverables, including but not limited to:
    • Assessment and Action Planning
    • Orientation Information
    • Settlement/Integration Counselling
    • Referral (internal programs and community agencies)
    • Enhanced Information
    • Service Linking
    • Service Bridging
    • Settlement and Integration support
    • Support to clients as required in engaging community services
    • Delivery of special programs as required (Relevant Workshops for clients)
    • Settlement related labour market issues with referrals to employment services
  5. Provide Advocacy support to clients as required.
  6. Provide interpretation and translation for clients and for the community as required noting that Interpretation often includes cultural information,
  7. Act as intercultural resource, including assisting with presentation and workshops to general public, human service agencies, organizations, clubs, etc.
  8. Assist in planning and implementation of appropriate programs and activities for immigrant, visible minorities and first generation Canadians.
  9. Provide educational sessions for client groups, on all aspects of Canadian society.
  10. Provide outreach in the community.
  11. Service linking with other community agencies, institutions, etc., during day to day contact.
  12. Prepare and provide reports as required by the Settlement Coordinator in order to meet contract management (funding source) reporting requirements
  13. Provide client referrals to appropriate community agency programs
  14. Keep accurate records and statistics, as required in agency database
  15. Encourage volunteerism, among client groups at this or other appropriate community organizations, agencies, institutions. Assist in locating appropriate placements.
  16. Initial interview and registration of LINC students; create client file and refer student to LINC instructor(s).
  17. Other duties as may be required from time to time.


Prospective applicants are invited to inquire via mail, email or in person to:

Suzanne McCloy

Interim Executive Director

Kamloops Immigrant Services

448 Tranquille Road

Kamloops, BC V2B 3H2